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    APEX 4 and Cognos 10


      We have Cognos as a reporting tool.  Has anyone been able to successfully use Cognos as their reporting tool with APEX 4?    

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          Hi Jec,


          Not sure if I understand your question and my Cognos experience was limited and many years ago.  APEX 4 is web tool which sits within an Oracle database and allows developers to render data from Oracle to a browser.  Cognos is a much broader tool with a full suite of components that allow developers to load, transform and stage data for reporting in numerous ways.


          If your Cognos environment has staged data in Oracle then APEX will be able read and render that data to a browser.



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            Thanks for the response Jeff.


            I am sorry I was not clear.  I totally understand what APEX is.  I should have phrased my question more like when I want to display my APEX report, I would like to use Cognos instead of BI Publisher.  Since we already have a very expensive reporting tool, Cognos,  we will not invest in Oracle BI Publisher.


            So, my question is has anyone been able to incorporate Cognos Reporting format into APEX so if you need to print a report, it can be displayed and printed in Cognos?  Make sense? 


            I have a feeling I know the answer, but people are extremely creative and perhaps someone has come up with a way to do this.