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    Connection failed Essbase error during rpd import




      While I was trying to import the Essbase cube into OBIEE rpd, I am getting an error' The connection has failed. Essbase Error 2037'. Admin tool is installed on a windows machine. Essbase server is installed on the same machine as admin tool. Appreciate your inputs.




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          1. Windows Client Server: Ensure you installed the correct version of the EPM ESSBASE server in the windows machine.

          2. BI RPD: Ensure you have correctly put the correct ESSBASE server URL in the connection pool. Do not indicate any port. for example essbase.myserver.com and not essbase.myserver.com:5100. Sometime it's causing issues.

          3. BI RPD: Ensure you selected the correct Database version for ESSBASE in the physical layer. ESSBASE has a bug, even if you have ESSBASE 11, BI has a bug and you should select ESSBASE 9 to be able to import metadata. Please be sure to reverse to ESSBASE 11 once successfully imported.

          4. Windows Client Server Variables: Ensure the below environment variables are setup correctly to point to ESSBASE:

          PATH ( to include the bin dir)


          I went through all these problems during the implementation of our BI Planning Dashboard.