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    putting body image in APEX_MAIL.SEND



      i am using APEX_MAIL.SEND to send email and i want the background image for the body to be reflected too in the sent emails so ive something like this,


      v_body_html :=






      background:#ffffff url("bgimage.png") no-repeat right top;






      <h1>Hello World!</h1>

      <p>Now the background image is only shown once, and it is also positioned away from the text.</p>

      <p>In this example we have also added a margin on the right side, so that the background image will not disturb the text.</p>






      P_TO        => v_recipient ,

      P_FROM      => sender variable,

      P_CC        =>  cc variable,

      P_BCC       => '',

      P_BODY      => 'Body text here',

      P_SUBJ      =>'my email notification',

      P_BODY_HTML => v_body_html);


      so how do i transmit this bg image in the email?