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    How can I get Modify, Drop, Add Column ...Script information for Column(s) to do some changes?


      Hi Oracle Experts,


      I have a challenging question . Lets say I have two table with same name, but these two tables comes from two different databases with 2 different users.



      Source Database A and User SCOTT


      TableColumnData_TypeLengthPrecisionScalePrimary KeyNullableDefaultComment





      Target Database B and User DAVID


      TableColumnData_TypeLengthPrecisionScalePrimary KeyNullableDefaultComment


      What I want to do:


      I want to get a query script that shows which columns need to modify, add and drop depends on source table (Make any necessary changes to make Target table columns same as Source table columns) . No need to do any changes in the database only want to see the query that needs to run for making these changes.


      EXAMPLE: I was using below query to get EMP table creation query. But seeing column information to create same column for other user is hard:(

      select dbms_metadata.get_ddl ('TABLE', 'EMP')  from dual