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    Tabular Form Checksum

    Walt K

      Is there any documentation on the exact order of fields passed to the checksum generator by the Tabular Form wizard?


      I am trying to implement a hybrid manual Tabular From. I am using the wizard. Keeping the generated report region. But generating my own ApplyMRU. In order to get the wwv_flow_item.md5 call in my ApplyMRU routine I need to know exactly how the Tabular Form wizard created it.


      What is the order of columns passed? Specifically what fields are included (hidden?)?


      I have a work around. I call the wwv_flow_item.md5 in my sql query for the form region and generate my own checksum. Hide it. Then duplicate the call in my ApplyMRU. But it would be nice to just use the .fcs that the Tabular Form wizard generates.