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    SOA/OSB - A few interview questions : Please help


      Hi All,


      Good Morning! Hope all you are doing good.


      I have a got quite a few interview questions for SOA/OSB based on my experience asked on various organization's selection process. Some of their answer could be found by google or referring to Oracle doc,but I am getting confused sometime where to refer as multiple concepts are involved in same context.


      It would be great, if you help me with possible answers/reference link for the below mentioned questions on SOA/OSB. I am sure this will help other buddies too. Needless to say, these questions are not copied from any so-called website but from my own experience.


      If you know the answer is available in some website/link/documentation, please refer to  that no need to give full explanation.


      Thanks in advance.




      1. We mostly know OSB is used for Message and Protocol Transformations. How OSB performs Protocol transformations? [ANSWERED]


      2. When OSB is integrated with a Messaging System, for an asynchronous messaging model, how is it possible for OSB to send a message in a queue and retrieve the response for the same, i,e how to map the request/response in a asynchronous messaging model? (I am not sure how correct the question is with respect to JMS context) [ANSWERED]


      3. Is it possible to run OSB without Weblogic Server? Please give supportive reason to your answer [ANSWERED]


      4. In which below mentioned situation you will encounter performance issue?

      A. A single Admin Server running all SOA products (OSB, SOA suite components, BAM, B2B etc) or B. Multiple Managed Server running in a cluster where each of them hosting a single product/component? [ANSWERED]


      5. Give a high level implementation scenario WITH and WITHOUT OSB, what all different component you will choose to design a solution where a source system puts a flat file into a location and the data has to be inserted to RDBMS. Basically to design a solution for this requirement with OSB and without OSB (using SOA suite components). [ANSWERED]


      6. What is the difference between OER and OSR, what they are used for? (I have done googling but still waiting for an expert answer) [ANSWERED]


      7. How MDS is used for provisioning a service? (Previously I was under impression that it used for maintaining run time metadata of SOA service infrastructure) [ANSWERED]


      8. Give a complete business scenario where you will implement , mediator, OSB , DB adapter, Fileadapter and  Business Rules. [ANSWERED]


      9. Is it possible to use mediator as a standalone component without interacting to other SOA suite component? Give a business scenario [ANSWERED]


      10. Does EM console provides you a feature where you can search a payload based on a consumer data (provided it is not hidden) like invoice number or customer mobile number etc? [ANSWERED]


      11. Is possible to deploy a proxy which consuming a message from a queue/topic without any message selector? How about multiple proxys polling from a same queue without a message selector, which one will consume the message? [ANSWERED]


      12. Is it possible to establish a connection to a message system (JMS/MQ) without creating a JMS connection factory? [ANSWERED]


      13. What is local protocol in OSB and what are advantages of this? Give a real life scenario. [ANSWERED]


      14. How you would configure a proxy service to poll from a multiple queues? Give the details what setting has to be done in proxy configuration?  [ANSWERED]


      15. Assume in a distributed OSB system there are 2 MS running. A file adapter has been configured to read a file from a particular location. What location you prefer to give as an input? any place of MS1 or MS2? [ANSWERED]


      16. In a distributed OSB system, if you have been asked to create 2 separate queues residing on 2 MS, how you will implement this? [ANSWERED]


      17. What are the other standard ways of doing message transformation apart from XQuery/XSLT? [ANSWERED]


      18. In Oracle Weblogic Server we all know that, in data-source configuration maxCapacity determines the max number of active connections in the pool. Think of scenario where in a certain DS has maxCapacity of 100 and initial of 30. The application can't use more than 60 connection at a time. Still Weblogic is throwig ConnectionPool is issue (No connection in pool). What is the probable cause of this? What is the debugging strategy? [ANSWERED]


      19. Does OSB provides weight based load balancing like 25% of load to BackEnd1, 50% of load to BackEnd2 and rest 25% of load to BackEnd3? [ANSWERED]


      20. How Throttling is implemented in OSB? [ANSWERED]


      21. How Transactions are configured in OSB? How you would set the transaction time-outs? [ANSWERED]


      22. If a proxy is talking to multiple DB (via multiple business services) what connection factory you will prefer, XA or nonXA? (I know XA CF has to be created if there are transactions involvement, but how to represent that as a business scenario) [ANSWERED]

      Added Questions on 3rd Aug -2013

      23. In a business system, OSB is talking to a DB, doing some update operation and then calling a web service. This is absolutely sequential. Ideal happy scenario is, DB updated successfully and web service returning a Success. For a given transaction, OSB updates a table in DB successfully  but while talking to web service it receives a fault response. Effectively the transaction has to be rolled back, what is the best way to it? What changes you will do in your design so that Db Table returns into previous state. If you feel there is any restriction to achieve this, please mention. [ANSWER EXPECTED]

      24. A source system puts files into a mount point. OSB then picks it up and processes, after processing is done OSB deletes that file.  After sometime it is observed that, the speed source system is putting the file is quite higher than OSB processing it. So all on a sudden, source system is facing space issues in mount points (because OSB slowly processing it), What design level changes can be done to to overcome this scenario? You are free to add any components in OSB/Weblogic level. [ANSWER EXPECTED]

      25. What are advantages of using File Adapter than OSB with File Protocol? [ANSWER EXPECTED]

      26. Flow activity gives you the parallel processing capabilities in BPEL. Other than Flow activity how parallelism can be achieved in BPEL? [ANSWER EXPECTED]

      27. Apart from SSL, give other examples of transport level security used/can be used in OSB? [ANSWER EXPECTED]

      28. Assume a situation, where OSB is talking to a UDDI. It is using UDDI's helper service for authentication and authorization, once basic authentication/authorization is done. UDDI issues a token to OSB which remains valid for sometime. As long as token is valid, OSB can do some stuff (calling some other webservices, talking to DB etc etc), once the token expires, OSB has to re-authenticate. How does OSB keep the track of token expiration? If OSB has received a same request  again and again, how it will cache the token to save re-authentication? Is there any properties in OSB [ANSWER EXPECTED]


      29. Is it possible to talk to a DB (Oracle) only using Java Call outs in OSB? Assume required thin drivers are present in Weblogic Containers.[ANSWER EXPECTED]


      30. Does OSB supports DVM (Domain Value Mapping)? How it can be implemented, give an example of working model. [ANSWER EXPECTED]

      31. In a situation, where a back end web service has to be called and web service call is the terminal action of that implementation. Which OSB action is preferred out of Routing and Service CallOut ? Give Reasons. [ANSWER EXPECTED]


      If you think all questions are not relevant to this forum, feel free to shout. Thanks in advance.





      Marked all the questions which have been already answered for the benefit of further readers. Added few questions to the discussion, as there is no reason of opening a separate thread for the same. Thanks.

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