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How to test applications based on coherence?

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Hi Buddies,


   Could you provide me some ideas to test the application based on coherence3.7 ?

   For exmaple,  to test network performance with DatagramTest and MulticastTest,

   to monitor the applicatio with jconsole, to check the cluster or cache with or CohQL ...

   I need more ideas for testing applications based on coherence, especially , the performance testing.

   Thanks a tons in advance.




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    Hey Adam,


    Not 100% sure what you're after, but if you're asking about how to test the logic and performance of your coherence based applications then I would suggest:

    • For functional tests: take a look at littlegrid. I've used this to great success in past projects.
    • For unit tests: design your code to abstract your business logic away from the Coherence implementation - that way you can unit test your business logic without Coherence.
    • For performance tests: well, that's quiet an lengthy topic on its own. For simple high level performance/throughput tests I've previously added appropriate info level logging to the application, which included the type and timings of each high-level operation, and then used log aggregation tools, (such as logscape or splunk, with my preference being the former), to plot the aggregated results from the clusters log file.   This is a powerful technique and one which I've use in dev & qa for performance testing and in production to give throughput and latency graphs and alerts on failing or slow operations.


    Hope this helps,




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