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    context variable DRIXMD (namespace DR$APPCTX) shows up in v$context


      We have recently upgraded our database to Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production.


      Now we occasionally get the error in one of our APEX applications

      ORA-01031: insufficiënt privileges


      The apex application is using a user connection pool.

      When an Apex page is submitted we clear the context variables so the user won’t use each other’s settings.

      The context variables to be cleared are selected from V$CONTEXT.


      For some reason the context variable DRIXMD (namespace DR$APPCTX) is now (since the upgrade to 11.2) also shown in v$context.

      The package used in our code is not allowed to set variables in namespace DR$APPCTX and is raising the error.


      My question is:

      Is it a normal feature to see these context variables in V$CONTEX and if not is there a fix available?

      And if yes, can anyone clarify this?



      Thanks in advance.