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    4.0EA1 - On restarting, previously opened package is displayed in a tab which closes when clicked




      Noticed something which I am not sure is a bug or not.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Open SQL Developer.
      2. In a new worksheet, write the name of a package. Open the package specification using SHIFT+F4.
      3. Open the package body.
      4. Close SQL Developer.
      5. Reopen SQL Developer.
      6. Along with the Start Page, a tab showing the package name is displayed. When I click on the tab, it closes.


      This might be related to the bug mentioned here https://forums.oracle.com/thread/2559422 but the workaround mentioned in that discussion does not work.


      OS: Windows 7, Enterprise Edition

      SQL Developer:

      JDK: 1.7.0_25