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    need to remove success msg on page refresh

    Chandra Bhanu


      I have a page in which I can edit data and submit it. On clicking submit it is showing process success message as  'UPDATED'.

      Problem is that even I click refresh, the success message appears. I need to remove this success message on page refresh. I used  Clear Cache for all Items on Pages (PageID,PageID,PageID) on page load but its not working.

      Please give some idea.




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          Ramesh P, Oracle APEX Developer

          Check URL for action:





          Create a page item :P1_MSG_CNTR


          Set this item value to 1, :P1_MSG_CNTR := 1 on the same conditions when you display your message

          For example request contained in SAVE, DELETE button actions

          When save or delete buttons are clicked, this page item is set to 1 :P1_MSG_CNTR := 1


          Create a dynamic action on page load and also make sure you are firing it on page load time also


          Set :P1_MSG_CNTR := 0


          On Page header place the following code



          <script type="text/javascript">

              function clearSuccessMsg(){




                  var msgCntr = '&P16_MSG_CNTR.';

                  if(msgCntr == 0)




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