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    FRM - 40655 followed by ORA-03113 Oracle Forms


      Hello All,


      We have an Oracle Forms application running on Oracle Application Server 10g ( on a RHEL environment. We have various forms modules along with menu items in that application. With one specific form, the moment i invoke it from a menu-item and try to do a search or even exit out of the form it gives me the following error messages (this happens even when i quickly go into the screen and try to exit out). I tried running the same form from my local laptop (not application server but from the builder) that has Oracle Forms builder version and it gave me no issues.  What could be causing this problem?


      FRM-40655 :SQL Error;Forced Rollback;Clear Form and re-enter transaction

      ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

      Any help would be highly appreciated. Please let me know if i need to provide further information.