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    Updating PO Lines Descriptive Flexfield


      We're currently still on R11.5.10.2 and we're customizing the Purchase Orders form by adding an option under the Tools menu to mass update several different fields.  One of the fields happens to be a descriptive flexfield on the PO line.  We're able to update the DFF, but the actual updated value doesn't seem to be reflected/displayed after we perform the update.  If we cursor and tab to the DFF and open it up, it actually has the updated value, but when we close the DFF field, it still displays the old value.  We've tried different calls to see if we can refresh the displaying of DFF, but no luck.  How can we customize to accomplish this in the form?

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          Are you performing base table updates or using API.

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            It's a straight update to the base table from the PO form.  We're just assigning the values to the DFF (in this case, ATTRIBUTE1) and let the form update the record.  When we assign the value to the ATTRIBUTE1 field, we cannot see this change right away.  If we tab to the DFF, the latest value is there.  And when we tab out of it, the latest value is not being reflected.  In other words, the DFF is not displaying the latest value.  It is only after you save the data that it displays the updated value.   I was hoping that there may be some API related call to DFF that we can make to display the change right away before the data is saved, but I'm not able to get this to work within the form.