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    4.0EA1 - Minor issues

    Meghan A-Oracle

      So far so good - successful, smooth installation and initial execution. And I'm probably more excited than necessary that I can now change the editor background color to anything I want (thank you!)


      Just a few minor issues I noticed...


      • Tools --> Features: The text refers to JDeveloper instead of SQL Developer ("To optimize JDeveloper performance...")
      • Exception when creating a new SVN repository connection, although it appears that the connection was created successfully. I can send the stack trace displayed if you want it, let me know.
      • The window title bar displays "Oracle SQL Developer - Databases.jws" when clicking on the Connections tab, "Oracle SQL Developer - Files.jws" when clicking on the Files tab, etc. (not sure if this is working as designed, but seems odd)
      • The initial coloring of the windows was incorrect after importing preferences from my old installation. The background in the status bar, around the editor, in the menu bar, etc was a tan color (I think I had the "Desert" theme or something chosen in the old installation). Also, some borders of the tabs were not displayed. After changing to the "Windows" Look and Feel, restarting, changing to the "Oracle" Look and Feel, and restarting again, everything now looks OK (blue background, tabs outlined, "3D" effect on the currently selected tabs).
      • When compiling a local package spec from a PL/SQL file, got the following error message in the Extensions Log: "oracle.sqldeveloper.migration.application - Error: Resource not found: ${SCRATCH_COMMAND_ICON}. It appears that the compilation was successful, however.


      I'll add any more I come across as a reply to this post.


      Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64