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        Blu is really one of the most helpful and rational aroundDon't take it personally, we are all entitled to opinions, many of us who have been here a long time have strong ones.  The strength of this place is that it is not official, and not marked territory, though it can certainly appear so.  I've been sorry to see some people look around and say "this rude place sucks" and stomp off in a huff, but such is cyberlife.  As with so many things, sometimes a detached, pragmatic attitude can work wonders.

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          BluShadow wrote:


          rukbat wrote:


          There is also a Chinese version of the forum site and a Japanese version of the forum web site.

          ... for all I know, there may even be other non-APAC language versions as well.

          Yes, I'm aware.  In the context of the Application Express space and the "2 results" issue being raised it was the Korean and English versions showing. 

          But why does the Korean version appear when browsing in English? There's a supposedly Korean context for various other Database forums (or is that "spaces"?) including SQL & PL/SQL, although none of the page content appears in Korean when I view it (in contrast to the previous forum software where the Korean version of the forum was curiously favoured by Google).


          Why does the APEX community have to suffer this confusion? None of the other Database forums appear twice in the search filter in this way (although there is a "SQL/PLSQL" option that appears to be useless). As an 8 year veteran of the APEX forum I don't recall any Korean bias to justify this anomaly. As far as non-English use of APEX goes, my experience of the forum is that Korea ranks way below India, Germany, Brazil, the Netherlands, China and Arab nations. Why does the Korean APEX "space" appear in the search filter at all?

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