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    Solution Needed for ODI function call


      Hi Experts,


      I am using ODI 11g.

      Currently i am using oracle procedures to call a function in ODI .

      just like "Select package_name.function_name from dual " i am using this query in ODI variables.The output of the function
      i am using in ODI mails .

      So for this ..Suppose for any changes i need to go to the Oracle package and change the function logic...and then promote this
      to production ..which is a time taking for me.


      So i want to write this Function inside ODI variable and send the output to ODI mail ...So that i dont need DB side to promote
      the code to production on every changes.

      Please let me know whether this solution is good or not.


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          under my opinion is good having all the logic inside ODI. But it depends from the complexity of the logic and the frequency of your change. If you change the logic once for year it's quite useless make this inside your ODI.

          A good compromise could be to put a package_name.function_name step in your package.