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    WABP import quota (997 entries) - how to override?


      We are importing data from a legacy system into a new OUCS (7u2 so far) setup, using VCARD import via Convergence, and some users with large address-books hit a quota; the server returns this in the HTTP stream (status 200/OK, so we really have to go parse into the dialog in our script):

      <wabp errnum="67" errorcode="0" errtype="1" nbbadentries="1" nbimported="997" quotaexceedwhileimport="998" rawmsg="Quota exceeded: only 997 contact(s) successfully imported. " />


      I retried with the remaining entries, but none were added after hitting the limit (so it is not a per-operation quota):

      <wabp errnum="67" errorcode="0" errtype="1" nbbadentries="1" nbimported="0" quotaexceedwhileimport="1" rawmsg="Quota exceeded: only 0 contact(s) successfully imported. " />


      Is there any setting we could have missed, to enable larger bulk-imports out of the box? Apparently, there are exactly 1000 entries in the user's PiServerDB root (with 3 more entries for his or her address books)...


      Also, it seeems that when VCARD markup comes in wrapped lines (like LDIF, ICS and others - with subsequent lines for an attribute starting with a space), the resulting imported values in the PiServerDB LDAP entries have an embedded line-break - i.e. in the middle of a long name for a "properly" single-value displayName, etc. Is there some format mismatch between the exporting tools we used and Convergence WABP importer?

      Does it have a practical line-length limit (we can parse the markup to remove line breaks for such attributes, and feed Convergence some really long unbroken lines as a result)?


      //Jim Klimov


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