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    Transient attribute in vo - value is  lost


      hi folks,


         i have a bounded flow in that i using 2 jsff pages say as "search.jsff" in that i'm showing all of the transient attributes which is in "searchvo". and i had command button say as search. search button functionality which i written in Application Module.

      Note: searchvo is entirely transient not dependent to any eo.


      i have another jsff say as "result.jsff" in that i had a af:table it will show me result depends on values which i entered in search.jsff. here af:table represents another vo says as "resultvo" in the result.jsff page i had backbutton if press that button means "search.jsff" should comes.

      Note: resultvo is dependent on resulteo


      search operation works. but the problem whener i'm pressing backbutton in result.jsff means, whatever i entered in "search.jsff" values are lost. so how should i retain the values as long as possible is there way?


      - jdev11.