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    Dynamic Action to Set APEX Session State (onChange)


      OK so I am not too familiar with Dynamic Actions so please go easy on me


      Right then. I have a single form items: P1_COUNTRY (select list holding the values 'UK', 'US', 'FRANCE', 'ITALY')


      When the page is rendered for the 1st time, we have the default value of 'UK' selected in the select list but this is not set in APEX Database Session so exists only in the DOM. What I am trying to achieve is that when the user changes this value from say UK to US, an onChange event should fire to set the value of P1_COUNTRY in APEX Database Session to US so that both the form and APEX session are in-line. This is needed as I rely on the value of P1_COUNTRY in a later Popup LOV and I don;t want to submit the entire page just the get the value of P1_COUNTRY into APEX Session.


      I have been playing around with the "Set Value" action but am not sure what to place in PL/SQL Expression etc.


      Cheers for any help.