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    java.exe for java 7 not closing after closing forms app started in a tab


      Hi everyone,


      We are using 11gR2 patch 1 and java 7.25 on the client w/ IE 9. Our application is run in separateframe mode.


      Our issue is if we open the url for our app in a browser window (we use IE) with only the first tab open,  when we exit our application (using normal exit_form process), the java.exe process is shut down. However, if you first open a tab in IE, then on the 2nd tab, if you open and close the application, the java.exe process hangs out there forever even after the browser has been completely closed.


      If we open our application using Java 6 instead, closing the browser would get rid of the java.exe process in the scenario of opening our application in the 2nd tab of the browser.


      Anyone else come across this issue? We are using the close.html called from the post-form trigger in our application to close the anchor browser window when you exit the application. It's the same code that we've been using for awhile, maybe there is a better version out there that'll fix this issue? Here's the code for our current version:


      <body onload="closeit()">
      function closeit()
           win = top;
           win.opener = top;
           win.close ();