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    Reading XML from Oracle directory to generate charts




      I have a requirement create graphs, charts and maps based on data from a data warehouse (dw).  As I see things, there are two possibilities:


      • Graphs, charts and maps based on an XML file
      • Graphs, charts and maps based on Oracle tables


      Both would contain small data sets that will allow for quick response.  The intent of these graphs, charts and maps is to generate a dashboard that would allow the user to quickly drill down to the desired warehouse data.


      The proof of concept has already been validated using the Oracle table scenario.  My question is whether or not this could be accomplished reading xml files for generating the same set of dashboard items?


      My Oracle database and APEX environments configuration are as follows:


      NLSRTL                                                                  Production
      Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition                         64bit Production
      PL/SQL                                                                            Production
      TNS for Solaris:                                                               Production

      Application Express

      APEX Listener Release 2.0.2.  / Tomcat


      An Oracle database directory has been setup and is accessible to our APEX application.


      Any suggestions/help is appreciated.