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    Bulk assign FDM locations

    Seb L

      Hi all,


      I have a couple of questions around user/location management (FDM


      1- Can we use some sort of template to import users into FDM and assign locations?

      2- Is there a way to bulk assign FDM locations to existing or new users?


      Assigning FDM locations can be a bit of a pain, especially when we need to assign 20 locations to 10-15 users and we are trying to come up with a more efficient way.

      Thanks for your help.



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          There is no official way, although you could take a look a the XML export file out of workbench and see if you can utilise the XML associated with the user tables.


          In Version 9, you used to be able to download the two main user tables tsecuser and tsecpartition (we were not using the financial controls sub-system so there were no issues with reviewer type associations / tables) to excel via the old table editor, make changes then upload via the upload Excel option. However, as the tables use the relevent codes rather than descriptions you need to be careful. Not an official way but it used to work ok.


          Not sure if you could do the same in version 11 with the added integration with shared services, but i imagine you could try creating spreadsheet tempaltes and trying it if you have a sandpit environment. If you are using the financial controls then it might be a bit more work to see what needs inserting. 


          Unfortunately there are no functons in the API guide other than the FUSER to insert a user id, but there is probably no reason why you could not create your own template and write a custom script to do it. The only issue might be is when a user is created in shared services with access to FDM, i have never investigated how that translates into the pull down list you get when you go into FDM to create the user.          

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            Thanos A.

            Hi there,


            You can use Import XLS to load users and assign locations similar to the way that you load mappings both in version 9 and version 11. The key point is that you must have two different excel ranges. One to import the user and a second to assign the location(s) to the new user.





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              Seb L

              Thank you for this. How would I import the Excel file? From within FDM web?

              Im guessing you would also need a range to determine the location security level. This would definitely save a lot of time. Is there any documentation on this?



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                Thanos A.

                Unfortunately it is not documented but I heard this support from Oracle support for version 9 a few years ago. Currently I am testing this in version in order to have it in production next month because it will save time with you have hundreds of locations.


                The file is similar to the mapping file that you load through Import XLS module. The difference is on the first cell of the first row of the ups range as well as the structure of the range that should represent the table of the FDM database. Unfortunately, I don't have the file with me at the moment to give you more details.





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                  Seb L

                  Ok I d be curious to know if this works and how you got this to work. I raised a ticket with Product Support who referred me to the API guide.

                  I  have asked them to raise an enhancement request for this as should be standard functionality and a very useful feature to have.


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                    Francisco Amores



                    I suggest you to review API function mRecordsetToExcel

                    With that function you can create XLS template for any table.

                    The only thing is that you may have to create the UPS ranges manually.



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                      Hi Thanos


                      We are in the process of automating FDM Security. Could you please tell me if you could achieve it by making use of xls import templates. If so, I would like to know the process or else, if you could share a dummy file, it would be really helpful.