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    OBIEE requirement


      Hi everyone,


      I have a requirement where i need to show the tile in subreport dynamically like Employee Headcount By accounting/Accountant/Manager..


      I have report A (Parent Report).I have used column selector to show Trend.Let say Department wise,job wise and Position wise

      This report A navigates to the Report B(sub report) wherein Details of the employee is shown.


      My requirement is

      Report B does have Title.As Per the click on the Parent Report column the Title need to be change in Report B.

      Workaround I did to achieve this:

      1)Created the Same Presentation Variable for  all the column(Departement:@{DEPT},Position:@{DEPT}},Job:@{DEPT})

      2)Prompted in Report A using the PV

      3)And added this Variable in Title View.


      But this will work if we have Dashboard Prompt for all this columns.


      Another Method:

      1)Created Dummy column in Report B where Condition write is

      CASE WHEN 1=0 THEN Department_desc ELSE job_desc.....


      What it do is always get Fail and show Job Desc even for department

      2)Narrative this column in Narrative View.


      Hope i'm clear.Kindly suggest me on this..

      Thanks in advance,