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    pass http Basic Authorization header in BPEL



          I have to call an REST API from BPEL.

          The API is available through HTTPS via https://xyz.com:1234

          It is also possible to send the authentication in the "Authorization" HTTP Header. This is done by sending a base 64 encoded string that consists of "username:password", in this case means "key:"

          (i.e. no password is used and the API key as username).

          For example if the API key is "abc123" the base 64 encoded string would be "YWJjMTIzOg==" and the header would be:

          Authorization: Basic YWJjMTIzOg==

          Is it possible to set and pass this custom http header in BPEL?

          Any pointer in this regard is appreciated.


      Thanks in anticipation,