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    Need Help in Connecting Outlook Exchange mail server


      Hi Guys,

      Need help in connecting Outlook Exchange mail server for downloading mail from OSB proxy.

      Can any one help .... How to connect/Configure ?


      General Configuration


      Service Type Messaging Service

      Message Type Configuration


      Request Message Type
      Response Message Type

      Transport Configuration


      Protocol email
      Endpoint URI mailfrom:ExchCAS.prod.xxxx.xx
      Get All Headers Yes


      EMAIL Transport Configuration

      SSL Required ?
      Email Protocol ?
      Service Account soa.HandsOn.Email/Resources/EmailServiceAccount
      Managed Server wlsOsbMngdA1
      Polling Interval 60
      Read Limit 1
      Pass By Reference false
      Pass Attachments By Reference false
      Post Read Action delete
      Attachments ignore
      Download Directory XXXXXX
      Archive Directory
      Error Directory XXXXXX
      Request Encoding iso-8859-1

      Still not able to connect