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    After renaming ASM Alias, Database wont come up


      Hi Gurus,


      We are having an 2node RAC - 11gR2 with ASM. I have cloned an PROD environment with RMAN into TEST. After cloning, I found that few of the ASM alias are using old directory naming shown as below.


      ASMCMD> pwd



      and I want to change it to


      ASMCMD> pwd



      By refering Oracle support Note How to rename/move a datafile in the same ASM diskgroup [ID 564993.1], I am able to successfully rename alias firing below commands(few listed below).


      alter diskgroup DATA1 rename alias '+DATA1/oradata/CRAMPRD/cntrl_1.dbf' to '+DATA1/oradata/CRAMPBBS/cntrl_1.dbf';

      alter diskgroup DATA1 rename alias '+DATA1/oradata/CRAMPRD/cntrl_2.dbf' to '+DATA1/oradata/CRAMPBBS/cntrl_2.dbf';


      Once I change it, DB instance wont come up saying that it is not able to find the required files at the correct directory.


      Now how to make Oracle DB instance aware that I have renamed ASM alias to a new location.



      Nikhil Mehta.