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    I could not see the cursor in my JTestField after I run when“ I add(nameField, SOUTH)” But if  I add(nameField, NORTH), everything is fine.


      problem only appear when a add a JtestField on "South or West"  I could not see the cursor in it.  but when I typed some words in it, It accurately have these words , but I could not see them.

      samething happens in IntField,  

      I could no even say the testField when I  stretched the GUI ...


      everything is ok when I added it to "west or North"


      JDK 1.7.0_21           Eclipse SDK Version: 4.2.2


      import acm.program.*;

      import javax.swing.*;

      import java.awt.event.*;



      public class usingInteractor extends ConsoleProgram {


        public void init () {


        nameField = new JTextField(10);

        add(nameField, SOUTH);





        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {


        if (e.getSource() == nameField)

        println("Hello, " + nameField.getText());



        private JTextField nameField;