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    4.0EA1 Diff Carts Unable to compare carts when connected as non-owner


      Unable to compare carts when connected as non-owner.



      We have 2 identical environments and I want to compare their objects. I login as user3 with select_catalog_role



      Connect as user3 then populate two carts. One selecting tables from schema1 another cart selecting tables from schema2. Now run Diff Carts.



      1. Text field for Connection is disabled: When there are 2 carts loaded Diff Carts does not allows to compare to Connection. This field remains disabled even when one of the cart tab is closed and Diff Carts is started again.
      2. Unable to compare:  Diffing with another cart has connection issues. Diff report shows error (table icon with exclamation mark).

      For Schema1 it says

      <schema1>.<table_name> using null connection.

      Unable to compare objects.

      Ensure that you have the required permissions. 

      You must own the objects or have select_catalog_role.


      For schema2 it says

      <user3>.<table_name> using null connection.


      It is trying to find table for user3 although owner is schema2 in cart2