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    How to get line numbers to show on SQL Worksheet?


      Dear Forum,


      I am learning SQL Developer.  I use it in my job and at school.  At school, when I enter a query in the SQL Worksheet, line numbers show in a column to the left of the edit box.  At my job, no line numbers.  I am working on a longish query at my job and line numbers would be helpful.


      I have looked at Tools/ Preferences/ Code Editor settings, but do not find a setting for line numbers.  I looked at the other preferences tabs and found nothing that looked helpful.


      I have looked at all the choices on the View list but do not find anything about line numbers.


      Am I missing something obvious?  Can line numbers be made available?  If so, how?


      I have looked at various "line number" hits in this forum, but I haven't found anything exactly on-point.




      P.S.     Oracle 11g, SQL Developer 3.0.04, Linux x86-64 (don't have version)