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    Need to change the DO value by using a drop down in a calculated field.


      Hi Gurus,


      I have peculiar and interesting issue in bam report. I have a report with action view in it. As of now all the values are coming from DO which is based on a data source (table). I had a calculated field in the report which has a drop down in it. now my requirement is that when ever I change or select another value in the drop down a value in a column in the table needs to be changed which is DO value.




      I have a report with name, address and contact number. now i added a calculated field with drop down of some default addresses. the drop down has some hardcoded addresses. by default the drop down will have the address selected which is same as the do column address. now when I change the drop down address to any other the value in the DO column address has to be changed.


      I've tried to use the script tag but no luck.


      if this is not possible to change the DO column using a calculated field. Then can we place the drop down to the DO column in the report. from the above example can we place a drop down to the address column which is coming from the DO.



      Any help is greatly appreciated.