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    RichTreeTable: Customized disclosing of nodes


      Hi ,


      I have a Richtree table which i want to customize such that it has a treemodel attached to it and i want to open up only a few subset of all the nodes.

      For that I have set tables's value to a tree model and I am setting rowDisclosedKeys(RowKeySetImpl) as another treemodel  which is subset of the original tree. Then I am executing rowDisclosedKeys.addAll() so that it can add all the nodes of the tree to the rowkeyset. But when i try with the solution it opens up the treetable with nodes = rowDisclosedKeys.



      I want it to have all the nodes but disclosed nodes should be = rowDisclosedKeys.


      Help needed

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          So the problem is, it is expanding the nodes which belongs to rowDisclosedKeys. But doesnt show the nodes which are not part of rowDisclosedKeys.

          My requirement is we should disclose all the elements of rowDisclosedKeys but also show other nodes in collapse mode.

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            Finally the issue got solved. But i am still not sure about ADF's rich tree table behavior.


            What i was doing earlier:


            I created a new treemodel and set it to the disclosedRowKeySet of the the table and then i was doing disclosedRowKeySet.addAll();

            This was adding only the disclosedRowKeySet into the treetable and ignoring other nodes(which are part of the treeModel of the richtree table but not in disclosedRowKeySet).


            Now before changing the model of the tree i am first clearing the local cache  treemodel1(of tree table) { treemodel1.clearLocalCache() } Then modify the model and then create another treemodel2(which is tree model of only disclosed nodes tree).  and set the treemodel2 to the disclosedRowKeySet


            Steps i ffollowed:


            treemodel1 = tree model for the richtree table

            disclosedRowKeySet = disclosed row key set for the tree table




            Modify treemodel1 as per your requirement


            Create treemodel2 such that it is subtree of treemodel1 with only the nodes which you want in expanded mode



            partial trigger for the tree table

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              Though i still have lot of doubts for the task. I still find the behavior of the rich tree table way too mysterious when tree you want to show and you have a customized nodes to expand and collapse.