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    Return to caller after commit or rollback




      Oracle 11g r2.

      JDeveloper 12c.


      I start learning ADF.


      I tried some tutorials but of course most of them are not dealing with the 12c version.

      I'm building the task flow, but in lower version it was possible to drag & drop commit and rollback activities, it seems it has been replaced by Task Flow Return activity.


      I have the following task flow (coutryTable and editCoutry are "View" activities, Commit and Rollback are "Task Flow Return" activities) :


      Task flow


                                                ┌─> Commit

                      edit                      │

      countryTable > editCountry
                                                │  cancel

                                                └─> Rollback


      I have "Save" and "Edit" buttons in my JSF page. When I click a button, changes are saved or discarded correctly but I just end up with a blank page...


      How can I return to countryTable after Commit or Rollback ?

      I can't find anything clear in the documentation.