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    Wait event  during execution simple "select" statement



      Yesterday i got wait event when executed simple select from table.

      This select was like:


      SELECT  emp_number from employer where subs_id = 111


      I got one row, select is very fast.


      In our Core Bank System we have package with function which returns such information. I tested this select on test DB, and nothing wrong. But when I executed such select and package on Production DB, DB Admin saw that 88 sessions waits when

      my session release the resource. But what can happen, it was simple select?


      I used PL/SQL developer to get information from table:

      1) SELECT  emp_number from employer where subs_id = 111


      2) Package with this function


      Another users used Oracle Forms screen to execute package.


      So question, How simple select statement could stop all DB?


      1Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi
      2PL/SQL Release - Production
      3CORE Production
      4TNS for 64-bit Windows: Version - Production
      5NLSRTL Version - Production



      Oracle Forms information

      Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production)

      Oracle Toolkit Version (Production)

      PL/SQL Version (Production)

      Oracle Procedure Builder V9. Build #1337 - Production

      PL/SQL Editor (c) WinMain Software (www.winmain.com), v1.0 (Production)

      Oracle Query Builder - Production

      Oracle Virtual Graphics System Version (Production)

      Oracle Tools GUI Utilities Version (Production)

      Oracle Multimedia Version (Production)

      Oracle Tools Integration Version (Production)

      Oracle Tools Common Area Version

      Oracle CORE Production