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    Populate tables runtime


      Hi, I have been thinking about this for a while and can't find a right solution. This is why decided to write here. Jdev is

      A user when navigates to a form, should be given a pre-populated table, where he/she adds additional data. There are two key fields in this table. one is person id and the second one is income type. Thru person id the table is connected to persons table and the second key field income type gets it data from lookup table.


      This could be achieved by  simple select one choice field in the table, but the end users would like to see whole table (each rows displayed the same time). As the table is in relation to a person, for each person this table has to be re-created.


      How can this be achieved? It sounds that the table should be populated programmatically, but is there some other ways of achieving the goal?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Another use case would be a tax form. E.g. user opens a page and a pre-defined table with standard fields is shown to him. He adds additional details and the instance of the table together with his SSN is stored in the database.