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    Patch update question (didn't think it is this complicated)




      I just started looking into weblogic server maintenance. New critical patch just went out.


      We currently have adf on weblogic 10.3.4 (yes i know we are due for an upgrade) with jrockit-jre1.6.0_26-R28.1.4 on production server.


      New new patch came out for Jrockit R28.2.4 and earlier version.


      Can anybody suggest me a path to apply the patch? Meaning, on staging server they just install this new Jrockit version (on top of the current installation) and see how current application behaves and if everything looks good, they install on production?


      Also, the patch note doesn't say anything about if it is supported for welogic 10.3.4 or not. I believe, certification requirement are not updated as of now for this new patch. Any suggestion you guys have for me look into before going ahead and test this patch on staging server?


      pls let me know if you need any further information.


      Thank you