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    Installation failure...


      Attempting to install Solaris 11 on a partitioned drive (F) generates in the following error:


      CalledProcessError: Command [/usr/sbin/fdisk, -n -f /tmp/fdisk - w7lmda, /dev/rdisk/c7d0p0 returned unexpected exit status 1


      So basically the installation script is fine, but for some reason its bombing out at the fdisk stage.  Any suggestions please?

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          What kind of system is this? Do other OSes live on this disk like Windows or Linux?


          I'm curious if you can do these steps:


          1. Boot this system from the installation media

          2. Drop to the shell (Option 3)

          3. Create the fdisk partition manually

          4. Make sure that the Solaris2 partition is active

          5. Restart the install


          Thanks, Cindy

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            Hi C


            In response, yes, XP professional resides on the C: drive, Solaris 11 needs to go on the next available primary drive which is the F: drive, currently formatted as NTFS at 50Gb.  The installation routine sees the F: drive and everything appears perfectly normal.  Furthermore I have performed this type of operation dozens of times before with a live CD without any problems (I'm an IT support person for my sins).  So in reply to the above:


            1. Have done

            2. Did that.

            3. Fiddly but completed.

            4. Always do

            5. CalledProcessError: Command [/usr/sbin/fdisk, -n -f /tmp/fdisk - w7lmda, /dev/rdisk/c7d0p0 returned unexpected exit status 1


            I strongly suspect this is some sort of weird read/write error at the HDD level (WD Caviar, two years old)

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              I don't think this a weird disk error. If you search for CalledProcessError in this forum (Solaris 11) see the thread from Nov. 11, 2011, below. This is a python error from the install code. Don't know if this thread will help you but it might. Sounds like a problem with whatever is one the previous partitions. Someone from the install team would need to comment, otherwise.


              Re: Solaris 11 livecd Fails to complete installation properly


              Thanks, Cindy

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                A good call Cindy, you pointed me in the right direction.  There was an unused partition after the F: drive formatted as exFat which the Live CD could see, by selecting the "Unused" option Oracle installed and is running perfectly.  Obviously we lost that partition but there was no data on it anyway.  Good advice to from the team about the importance of backing up all user data prior to installing.  Thank you.





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                  You're welcome. X86 install issues are not really my area but sometimes you stumble upon something that might help. cs