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    LOV Input misbehaving

    Tomas Vardanian

      Hello OTN,


      I'm having a couple of problems with using an Input list of values component.

      I'm using JDeveloper 12c for this application.


      1. A vertical Scrollbar does not appear on the results table, as seen here http://oi39.tinypic.com/2d9w609.jpg (there are more entries below, they are just not visible). This seems to be unique to 12c, as it worked correctly for me with Assuming this is a bug on oracle's part, is there some sort of workaround? I tried reaching the table component through a bean to no avail. LovComponent.getResultsTable() always returns null for me.


      2. You will notice in the above screenshot that I've added an Add button to the form. It creates a popup with a default OK/Cancel dialog that allows me to create a new country. The problem here is that after I'm done creating the country it does not appear in the selection list - the user needs to press "Search" for it to appear (everything works correctly in the back, the problem is the not updating table).

      I quote This documentation:

      [quote]the id of the user-defined popup component relative to this component (accounting for NamingContainers). If this attribute is supplied, an af:toolbar with af:commandToolbarButton will be created internally, which will be displayed as create icon in the Search and Select dialog. Clicking the button launches the user-defined popup component.

      If the developer has added a dialog within the popup, then the decision to refresh the table is made by the component intelligently(table will be refreshed on pressing Ok button in the dialog). If the developer has not added a dialog to the popup, then the table will be refreshed always.[/quote]

      This is obviously not the behavior I'm dealing with, as the table doesn't refresh either way.



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          Tomas Vardanian

          I managed to put together an incredibly stupid solution. I looked up the id ADF generates for the table through firebug and used it to obtain the RichTable object. By adding it as a partial target I solved my refreshing problem.

          Regardless, I would still like to hear a solution that isn't as ridiculous.