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    Using DB Adapter in obpm 11g


      Hi all,


      I am new to OBPM 11g. I am trying to migrate my 10g project to 11g. However, I am having difficulty in using DB adapters.


      there are few tables, from which I get different details and load the details. In 10g, I use around 4-5 queries to get the details for different attributes.

      I am not sure how to use this in OBPM 11g.


      If I am querying 5 different tables, should I use 5 different DB adapater services? Is this the right way? Is there a way to combine different queries? what is the best practice for such a situation?

      Kindly help





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          Hi Alice,


          Using DB adapter in BPM 11g  If you have 5 tables then you can load those tables then Select column's  from each of the Table and Make sure you properly maintain the Parent-Child Relationship i'e., So that you no need to write the queries as u do it in BPM 10g . SO that in DB adapter  it will automatically fetch the Columns that you selected. Just need to Add the Parameter from which you are fetching the remaining column's.


          Hope this might help you.





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            Hi Pavan,


            Thanks for the reply.


            Can you give me an example how I can do that?


            following is my scenario


            1) there are around 6 tables - I need to combine different queries and populate some objects


            1) select table 1 and 2 and get the details

            2) use the details obtained from previous query and get the list of values

            3) get the list of values from the previous step and sort them for specific product

            4) sort the resulted list and get details about the product using tables 5 and 6


            All the 6 tables might not have any relation with each other.


            if you can give me a sample it would be very helpful



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              If there are 4 different queries based on which I will be populating my view to end users, should I add service activity every time for each query (if there are 4 queries then four service activities will be added to my flow). Is this the right approach?


              Is there any way where I can add multiple queries ?





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                Ravi Jegga

                Hi Alice

                Have you thought of Creating a Database View object on the Database side itself. Like this View will have one giant Query that combines all the 6 Tables and shows the columns that you want. The select and query part may be challenging. Talk to good Database SQL Developers to see if they can write a sql query for you for these 6 tables. Once you have View, then you can refer that in your DBAdapter. Write the same on other side like on SOABPM side may be more tricky. Let database handle this and expose a single View for you.



                Ravi Jegga

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                  Hi Ravi,


                  thanks for your reply - As of now I have implemented it as 4 different service tasks in parallel gateway.

                  However, I still have difficulties - I don't know how to declare a local variable and perform tasks (I could not write code )

                  for example - while getting details from database I map the business object attributes to variables from database.

                  however, I also need to declare a local variable say product[product.id] = product (in the loop when retrieving from database)


                  Also, can you confirm if two dimensional arrays such as x[][String] is allowed in obpm 11g (if yes, how to acheive this)