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    Error "no ocijdbc11 in java.library.path" in SQL Developer 4




      I have just installed the latest version of Oracle 12c and the latest SQL Developer ( I have also JDK 7u25 installed. I run everything on Windows 7 64bit. When I create a local connection in SQL Developer and test or try to connect I get the error: no ocijdbc11 in java.library.path

      If I try the exact same thing in SQL Developer 3.2.2 (the one bundled with the latest Oracle 12c) it works fine. In both versions of SQL Developer I have done no configuration and all the settings are the defaults.


      I have read all the posts that relate to this error message, but they are all based on older versions or other platforms.


      Is there a problem in the default configuration of SQL Developer 4 or a compatibility problem with Oracle 12c? Any ideas of how to fix this?


      When I compare the properties of the two versions of SQL Developer I see that most of them are identical, but the java.library.path points to the sqldeveloper/bin directory in v4 and to the sqldeveloper root folder in v3. I don't know if that is significant.


      Also the setting "Use OCI/Thick Driver"  under "Database: Advanced" is unchecked, so it seems strange that it tries to use it anyway.



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          You should search that ocijdbc11 is installed in a path similar to C:\Oracle32bit\product\11.2.0\client32bit\bin and that this path (or C:\Oracle32bit\product\11.2.0\client32bit) is in your java.library.path.


          If you click on Help|About and the Extensions tab you will see a list of some of these.

          Click on the Export button and copy the contents to a file or clipboard.  Open the file (or Ctrl/V) in an editor and search for java.library.path.  This is the list of ;-separated folders that SQL looks in. Ensure that this list includes the one where your ocijdbc11 was found.



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            But I am trying to use oracle 12 (64bit), not oracle 11. Is SQL Developer 4 not possible to configure for oracle 12 at the moment?

            There seems to be no file called ocijdbc11 anywhere in the oracle 12 installation folder (including SQL Developer 3.2.2 and 4). It feels strange to need to install oracle 11 in order to get SQL Developer 4 to work with Oracle 12. And as I mentioned, SQL Developer 3.2.2 works fine with Oracle 12 and jdk 7u25. So if SQL Developer 3.2.2 works, how can something be missing for SQL Developer 4?



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              Just upgraded to SQL Developer 4.0 EA2 and the problem remains. SQL Developer says when trying to connect or testing a local connection:

              An error was encountered performing the requested operation:

              no ocijdbc11 in java.library.path

              Vendor code 0

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                I am on win 7 64bit and just switched from SqlDeveloper to 4.0. I was having the same problem as in the original post and while researching I found these posts and although they are old I thought I'd post the solution that works for me.

                In Sql Developer 4.0 under tools/preference/database/advance add the path for tnsnames directory