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    Getting Error While Triggered the Internal Service Request Process Accelerator




      I installed Oracle Process Accelerators(Internal Service Request and Employee On Boarding) PS6 in windows7.Installation was successful and I checked the installpa.log file there its showing "Build Successful"  and then we assign the roles in BPM workspace and also put the security relams in in enterprise manager as per installation Document provided by the Oracle after that everything was fine to test the Internal Service Request(ISR) I triggered few instances but they terminated abruptly and giving these Errors in EnterpriseManager(EM)


      while triggered ISR Error message that was shown in EM is


      Non Recoverable Business Fault :

      <bpelFault><faultType>1</faultType><operationErroredFault xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/bpel/workflow/taskService"><part name="payload"><operationErroredFault xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/bpel/workflow/taskService"><faultInfo>ORABPEL-30082 WorkflowServiceEngine request to another component failed. Request operation CallFunctionStateless from default/InternalServiceRequest!1.0/ManagerApproveRequest to ManagerApproveRequestRules_ManagementChainRuleSet failed with Business Fault: null. Check the underlying fault. Check target SOA component for cause. </faultInfo></operationErroredFault></part></operationErroredFault></bpelFault>


      Non Recoverable Business Fault :

      Attempted to access property 'id' in class 'oracle.bpel.services.identity.hierarchy.HierarchyPrincipal' with a null object reference. at line 292 column 34 in /Ruleset(ManagerApproveRequestRulesBase)/Function(CreateSupervisoryList)/Action[11]

      if anybody who did this ever and facing the same issue can you please let me know as early as possible

      Thanks and Regards