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    4.0EA1 - User Defined Extensions of Type "Editor" Repeated

    David V

      In SQL Developer 4.0 EA 1, my User Defined Extension of type "Editor" started having multiple tabs show up in the PL/SQL editor window, rather than having just one tab:



         <item type="editor" node="PlSqlBaseNode" vertical="false">

            <title>Code Review</title>



                  <![CDATA[SELECT object_type, line, error_type, message, text

      FROM TABLE(sysadmin.reports.reviewCode(:OBJECT_OWNER, :OBJECT_NAME, :OBJECT_TYPE))

      ORDER BY line NULLS FIRST]]>






      To reproduce:


      1. Dump the above xml into a file.
      2. Add that file as a User Defined Extension (Preferences -> Database -> User Defined Extensions -> Add Row), set the Type to Editor, and the Location to your file saved above. Hit OK.
      3. Restart SQL Developer.
      4. Open up some PL/SQL object.
      5. You'll see that the object's PL/SQL editing window has multiple "Code Review" (title of the extension) tabs, instead of just one.


      There was only one tab in SQL Developer 3....


      Another bug, somewhat related to above: when editing source in a PL/SQL window, you can highlight the text of another PL/SQL object, like a package, and use Popup Describe to bring up its source code. But, when an Editor user defined extension is in place, like one above, rather than getting the source code in the popup window, you only get the user defined extension. Can this be fixed, too (SQL Developer 3 had the same bug).