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    Mandatory fields working differently in recent forms compared to older forms.




      In forms 11g (and probably 10g too), if you tab to a field that is a mandatory field, once you enter the field you cannot exit without entering a valid value (ie it must be not blank and must pass any required validation).


      It seems that in Forms 4.5 you could tab into a mandatory field and the back tab out of it without entering a value.  I can't remember this being the case, but a client assures me that this how it works on their system.


      Is this difference managed by a property? Can I make forms 11g mandatory fields behave the same as Forms 4.5 supposedly did in this aspect?



      It seems that this is supposed to by managed by the Forms level properties

      Validation Unit = Item

      Defer Required Enforcement = 4.5


      I have tried this but it does not seem to work for me, I can't back tab out of a blank mandatory field in Forms 11g.with these properties set.




      Thanks for any help.