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      Can any one tell the use of DRM with Hyperion Essbase and planning


      I had Installed Hyperion Planning and Essbase Version in my personal desktop .Now i want to install DRM in that . is there any source required for DRM . how do we integrate DRM with Essbase and Planning .Please help me in this.



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          Please Post to the DRM Forum. Somone there will be able to answer your questions.


          Thank You

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            Thanos A.

            Hi there,


            Even if this is a different forum,


            DRM is a tool for managing metadata for different sources.


            In order to use DRM, you have to install the file in your computer and then configure the application to support the input, the maintenance and the export of the metadata to EPMA interface tables. As far as I know, there are pre-designed templates that can be used as foundation for extracting your data to EPMA.