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    Not getting correlation exists exception

    Tony Cattlin



      SOA Suite, BPM project


      I have created a test project with one BPM process with one human task. I have created a correlation from the string (also tried with int) argument passed in and when I test it allows me to create 2 instances with the same correlation id. I would have expected the second to fail with a CorrelationException but both instances get to the human task fine. Steps I took :

      1. Create async simple BPM process with one string input argument.

      2. Add a human task

      3. Map the input argument on the start activity to a correlation (the key and property of which are created at the same time)

      (To do this I set the alias of the correlation property to the input argument)

      4. Deploy and go to Enterprise Manager

      5. Test, setting the input argument to 123

      6. Test again, setting the input argument to 123

      7. Both instances reach the human task fine.


      Am I expecting the wrong outcome or have I configured something wrong ?