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    HRMS Benefits Eligibility




      I am trying to locate the flag that indicates whether or not an EE is eligible for benefits. I thought there was an eligibility flag on a table but I am unable to locate it.



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          Vigneswar Battu


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            Thanks Vignesh,


            We are creating an interface to a third party system and a business requirement is to  know whether or not and employee is eligible for benefits or not ( Y or N). I need to send over (in the file) a benefits eligibility flag. Is there a flag in the system/tables that displays if an Employee is eligible to enroll into benefits. I believe there was a flag on per_all_assignments_f but I am unable to locate it or maybe I am looking at the wrong table.


            Under Benefits Service Center ( US Super HRMS Manager> People>Benefits Service Center) when you query an EE it displays a benefit summary ( bottom right corner) and there are check box that indicate if the EE is benefits eligible. I am wondering where those flags are stored or if there is another way to indicate if an  EE is benefits eligible.



            I hope this helps explain what I am looking for.


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              Does anyone have an idea the best way to approach this situation?


              I am using table BEN_ELIG_PER_F that has a column ELIG_FLAG and I assume this is the best way to capture the information I am looking for unless someone else has a better idea?