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    I need help with network install of SQL Developer 3.2




      Does anyone have any references on how to perform a network install for SQL Developer? Here is what I'm trying to achieve:


      1. Network installation on drive S:\ (Windows, obviously)

      2. User links to network installation

      3. Connections are unique for each user


      I found the 2006 posting of network install for Raptor, but I could not find anything that correlates with the latest release. All I have done so far is downloaded and unzipped. Any help/instructions/guides/tutorials are welcome.

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          Barry Mcgillin-Oracle

          You have installed!.  The code for SQLDeveloper does not have an installer.

          If the software is on S, say a shared drive, each user will start sqldeveloper and a directory called sqldeveloper  will be created in their local %APPLICATION_DATA% folder.  This will keep all connections etc unique for all users. 

          You will have to create a link from the S drive to the sqldeveloper.exe if you want a shortcut to start it.  We dont provide it.