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    using subject area from bi publisher


      Hello Everyone,


      We have some discussion going on about the methodology for retraining the data in data model.We numerous BI publisher reports having very very complex logic with nested sub queries, union all, and even sometimes loops. The logic for the reports are not common for other reports.The technical ad-visor has been insisting to create all those very complex logic in bmm layer of repository . He states that performance will improve and there will not be load in database if we use these logic in bmm layer. Any idea to confirm that performance will increase if we use repository tables rather than from  directly from data base in data model where we can write very complex logic very fast rather than doing very complex logic in BMM layer with nested sub queries and union all and .. some of the logic will be too complex for BMM to handle just for few reports .Is it a really tremendous advantage to use table from rpd rather than directly from database, any documentation from oracle or best practices that one should use tables from repository than rpd.