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    apex_collection.add_member not adding all fields


      I am trying to add the contents of three page items into a collection, and to verify, I queried the collection for the three fields and output them to other page items. The problem is, only one field returns a value.



      I set up the collection in a Page Process that runs On Load - Before Header:


        (p_collection_name => 'FILTER');


      Then, I created a form with three items: P2_TABLE, P2_COLUMN, and P2_COLUMN_TYPE. The "Create" button triggers a dynamic action with 4 True actions.


      The first one adds the item values to the collection:

      apex_collection.add_member(p_collection_name => 'FILTER', 
          p_c001 => :P2_TABLE, 
          p_c002 => :P2_COLUMN,
          p_c003 => :P2_COLUMN_TYPE);


      The other three actions output the values of P2_TABLE, P2_COLUMN, and P2_COLUMN_TYPE to 3 test fields (Action: Set Value, Fire on page load off, Selection Type: Item(s), Item(s): P2_TEST, P2_TEST2, P2_TEST3):

      select c001 from apex_collections where collection_name='FILTER'
      select c002 from apex_collections where collection_name='FILTER'
      select c003 from apex_collections where collection_name='FILTER'


      Only P2_TEST (corresponding to the value of P2_TABLE and c001) ever gets a value, the other two fields remain blank. I tried things like changing the order of the fields, but still only the value of P2_TABLE gets output.


      I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here, any help is appreciated. Thanks!