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    Strange Issue: Hyperion Planning forms becomes read-only and data is wiped out:



      Let me start by saying that I am not new to Hyperion Planning. We are experience a weird issue in our System Test. We notice that some (NOT ALL) of our webforms turn into readonly webforms; all the cells on the form at greyed out. This is inspite of the fact that the read-only checkbox is unchecked on the form as well as security is fine on all dimensions ; basically all the cells on the form are valid combinations.

      Still the form become readonly and all the data in that form is wiped-out. this happened only for two web forms so far. We are running bunch of calcs(none of the calcs have cleardata command). we are not sure why is this happening. this might be some bug in the product... not sure. has anyone seen this behaviour before ?

      please let me know.