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    How do I create a Master Detail page without using the wizard?




      I am using APEX 4.2 on 11g.


      I have two tables with a one-to-many relationship.

      Using the page creation wizard I can successfully create a master detail page with the detail as a tabular form on the same page. All works ok...


      But, I already have the master page built, I don't really want to redo it, I just need to add the the detail tabular form manually.

      I have added a tabular form and it is working and displaying everything correctly, but clicking Apply Changes on the master does not update the detail table. The detail changes are lost.


      How do I make the master Apply Changes button update the detail table?



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          I worked it out eventually...I deleted and recreated the tabular form and discovered I had been missing the ApplyMRU and ApplyMRD Processes. ???


          Here's what was required for those interested...

          • Create the tabular form on the existing page with Update, Insert, and Delete functionality.
          • Change 'When Button Pressed' property of ApplyMRU from the Submit button (tab form) to the Apply Changes button (master)
          • Do the same for any Validations that were created with the tabular form.
          • Delete the Cancel and Submit buttons from tabular form.
          • Change conditions on 'Go to page' Branches so Delete does not navigate away from page.
          • Add WHERE clause to tabular form source for the foreign key.