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    TimeoutPJC is not working when separateFram=true


      I am working with TimeoutPJC to incorporate session time out in my application. I downloaded timeout.jar and timeout10.fmb(test form) from OTN. I had done changes in my form based on the instructions.

      I gave timer period as 1 minute and sleep time 10 seconds. Recording events I used default ('all')



      I copied timeout.jar into respective directory did required changes in formsweb.cfg and default.env. Every thing is working fine and time out logic is working fine if the system is idle for more than 1 minute (When separateframe=false)


      Now, my issue is, if I change the separateframe paramter to true in formsweb.cfg, then the bean is not working, ie, timeout logic is executing even if the system is not idle.


      The only changes I am making is changing forms applet parameter separateFrame=true and then the bean is not capturing any events.


      What could be the problem ?

      Note: Form builder version: Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production)